With every ending, there’s a new beginning… sounds like bad poetry.

Is it too early to go through a midlife crisis? I suppose it would be more like a quarter-life meltdown… at 22. Who would have thought? Funny enough, it was actually supposed to be my golden year. I was born on the 22nd of May and I had all these plans to be powerful and strong and ready to take on the world. I had just graduated college you see, so I thought I was low-key hot shit. Ready to leave my path a blazing. Ready for self growth. Ready for that degree money to start pooling. Ready to pursue my dreams abroad in the beautiful sunshine of Barcelona. Eating and cooking my way through Europe. A dream.

Tbh, I think God overslept. Like he must have blinked a little too long. Sneezed, and tornado-ed the crap out of my vison board.

So that ended and I was sad. Still am tbh, but it’s cool.

I moved back home to save money for my Europe trip, because dreams are expensive. I’m working like a crazy person 60+ hrs because a girl’s got to just goooo! I’m saving money, making plans, getting my ducks in a row. Healing. Actually a bit lonely, missing my friends from Uni. Then, A PANDEMIC SWEEPS THE WORLD!

Within in weeks I literally watch my entire industry fall to shambles and turn to dust. Oh, and I get laid off btw. I pride myself in being apart of a never dying industry…everyone’s got to eat right? Lol, nope.

So, here I am. I’ve always wanted to start a blog because I feel like my life is a bit of a comedy where the main character constantly is in pursuit of figuring this life thing out. I feel like some people may be able to relate. You’re born, go to school for 12 years, maybe do the college part, then you’re dumped into the world with about 17 different bills just for existing. Like medical and dental insurance isn’t cheap… neither is gas.

Also, how do we save the world from dying from climate change when I’m counting quarters to put gas in my car?

Welcome, to my blog. I go by Precious Pioneer, and I’ll write little journal entries about my journey and experiences as a young adult, trying to adult from a strong female narrative. Cause let’s be honest ladies, we could use more coin and empowerment.

Stay safe and stay inside during this crazy time.

Much love,




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Precious Pioneer

a young adult trying to tread through rising expenses and climate change. adulting is hardly easy, but I’ll settle for good coffee and a scoop of ice cream.