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Precious Pioneer
4 min readMar 10, 2023
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Today I am in my car driving to work for my pastry shift. I realize daily that “beauty is the pain” more than ever working until my fingernails fall off because pastry is about temperature control in meticulous detail.

But it’s beautiful at the end, and I love it. So that’s exciting. I know many of you have asked me what it is like to be a pastry chef; overall, there’s beauty in meticulousness.

My favorite part about working in pastry or the kitchen is appreciating the silence. It’s like that moment where you’re lost in deep work where you’re, like, flow. I love the feeling as you read the recipes a couple of times, of working through them, you set up your station, and then at some point, as the hours pass, the sun rises and falls, and through the windows, your mind shuts off for a minute. You’re just rolling dough, measuring, and putting things together, leaving the day with the most beautiful, delicious pieces.

It’s Art. Every day you work hard to create art and beauty, and the best part is that it’s perishable, so you have to give it away and share it with somebody.

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And honestly, over the past couple of years, I lost that. I lost the love and passion of why I chose this industry in the first place.

Because everybody has always told me like, if you choose to be a chef, you have to do it out of love. Certainly not for the money. And I’m like, why can’t I do it for both? And I saw that to elevate my craft and to be able to be financially supported through this industry. You have to be the best.

And so you have to study. There’s a high regard for perfectionism, attention to detail, understanding the science behind every food product you’re using, and being able to taste things and have the most heightened elevated palette. And I realized working in the industry, Producing so much food and product for so many people, that it feels not like a cafeteria. Still, you’re just working so hard and really fast and trying to get the best quality product out there quickly.

And it’s labor intensive in a little bit stressful. And so I took a step back and thought, why? Why am I doing this? Because I got lost, in the hustle, in the cycle of working diligently to be the best chef I could ever be.

And I need to remember the why.

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Because at some point, I was like, geez, I’m working 40 plus hours, 50 plus hours, trying to perfect my craft.

And I realized mastery is a lifetime, meticulous, day-in and day-out journey, and it’s not something you have to accomplish all in one day.

And even the measures that you put on.

To be done in one year, I must be at this level in five years and have a Michelin in 10 years. Like you, we put these measurements on ourselves that aren’t necessary to some degree because we tend to. Our self-worth, and that’s just not true. And as I go to work, I realize that, like being in the moment and appreciating that I get to work, my dream job is a blessing, and I’m just so happy and fulfilled that I get to go in today.

Create the best food and then share it with somebody. And it’s just like this joyous thing that I get to share with the world.

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And so today, if you need some encouragement and whatever you’re doing, go to work, go to yours. Like intentionally and just grateful because every day we wake up and pursue our passion, try our best, and take a step forward is a blessing.

The most beautiful thing about life is to take an intentional act towards yourself and work on your self-development. But not in the cliche form, but in pursuit. Our purpose or what we’re supposed to be doing here, so I’m thankful for all that and all of you.

Have an excellent rest of your day. And as always, live life with love and love food with life. Bye, guys.

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